High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems

The book "High Quality Horn LoudspeaHorn Book Jacket V3 front w releasedateker Systems" by Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker has been released this autumn. This website will keep you up to date on the availibility, signing events and so on. We will also add supplementary material to the book, and tell our story about how the book came about, and the process of writing.

Currently the book is available from Lean Business Audio (should have stock soon) and Parts Express (stock will be sent). 

Select distributor under the BUY menu. Currently we sell through:

Lean Business Audio (For buyers outside Europe, please send them your e-mail and phone number for competitive prices on shipping.) Lean also does a much better packaging job than Amazon did... CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

Parts Express has started to stock our book, and at the moment pre-orders are possible. THE LAST FEW BOOKS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO THEM NOW.

Amazon is now out of stock of our book, and we will not restock due to problems with books getting damaged in transit due to poor packaging. We will however find a US distributor, so stay tuned.