High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems

The book "High Quality Horn LoudspeaHorn Book Jacket V3 front w releasedateker Systems" by Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker has been released this autumn. This website will keep you up to date on the availibility, signing events and so on. We will also add supplementary material to the book, and tell our story about how the book came about, and the process of writing.

Currently the book is available from Lean Business Audio (CURRENLY SOLD OUT) and Parts Express (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT). 

Update after the AES convention

I have just returned from New York City and the AES Convention today. Bjørn and I gave a presentation called "Compression Driver DNA - Origin and Seeds of Progress" on Friday which was well received. It summarized some pre-history and history of the W.E. 555 and 594 drivers and presented some previously unseen documents from experimental work on these devices at the Bell Telephone Labs. We did two book signings (Wednesday and Friday afternoons) which attracted quite a few interesting people, many of them very excited about the book - and we sold the first 33 copies of the book at the Convention. We also anticipate two or three published reviews to result from this trip. 

Certainly many of you will want to know what happens with the Amazon launch which was scheduled to be on the 15th of October. We are truly sorry to admit we did not quite make it to the 15th, because of Amazon logistics. They would simply not accept the delivery of our pallets of books until a scheduled time on the 28th of October. As the book is "self published" by first time book authors some such unexpected issues turn out to be inevitable.

It therefore looks like the sale on will not begin until the very end of October.

Meanwhile, we have been approached by a UK based speaker related web shop, Lean Business Audio, that also wants to sell our book. We are about to make arrangements for this, but it's doubtful that the book will be available for sale there much earlier than on amazon. Updates on this will follow once we know more.




Book Launch and Signing

aes ny 19 logo small

The official launch of the book will take place at the 147th AES Convention at the Javits Center in New York. The conference is 16-19 October 2019. The book will be for sale in the AES Members Center, where we will also have two signing events:

Wednesday 12:30 to 14:00 (2:00 PM)

Friday12:30 to 14:00 (2:00 PM)

11:15 to 12:15 on Friday the 18th we, the authors, will give a tutorial on the two Western Electric compression drivers that marked the beginning of modern compression driver design. Right after this tutorial we will sign books at the AES Members Center. 

Update on the Amazon launch

We are a little behind schedule on the logistics of getting books off to Amazon due to delays with the printing and other factors. But pallets of books are in transit to as of Friday 11th. Bjørn and I are off to New York for the AES convention this week but we will continuously watch for updates from Amazon on the stock situation. Hopefully they'll be set to receive orders and ship books by the end of the week. As of now, the book will only be available from, but amazon users on other continents will be able to order the book from the UK site. We apologize for the inconvenience, but Bjørn has been doing his best to get the amazon sale going. Further updates will follow soon! 

Bjørn and Thomas



First Sample Received

Printing is finished, now binding and casing is next. There have been some delays, but today the first copy arrived at my desk. The next pallet will go to the AES Convention in New York, where will do a book signing event - more about that later. 

As previously mentioned, the book is A4, 1070 pages, and it comes in at a solid 3.34kg. 


It is immensely satisfying to receive the first hard copy of your work, and it's hard to stop looking through it!


The spine is designed in the style of the old classic textbooks.


We also included a bookmark, which we believe can be useful in a book this size. 

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